Totem Taboo | 2012 – Present, International. Totem Taboo is a Situationist brand designing political Scenes + Scenic Artifacts building new collective imaginaries through the visual narrative of the symbol.

Founding Artist | Designer. Maker. Stylist. Art Director. Communication & Sales. First Spanish brand present in the most outstanding Contemporary Ethnic Art & Design shows in Europe like Labo International Paris, 2012; Ethno Tendance Brussels, 2012 ; Afropunk Paris, 2016 or Africa Utopia London, 2017 to mention a few. Main stockists Quai Branly Museum‘s boutique in Paris and Soboye in London. Part of the  itinerant scenic fashion collective exhibition Parures organised by Universal Love exhibited to date at Klimafestivalen in Oslo – Norway, 2018. Situations: Situation Num.I : Totem Taboo takes France Nation Square. Paris, 2017. Collaborations: Totem Taboo x Classic Proletarians. Paris, 2016.

Mischief Makers at Brighton Pride featured in The Observer by The Guardian and BBC News – UK, 2018.

Mischief Makers Carnival Arts | 2016 – 2018, London / UK. Mischief Makers is led by  freelance independent Carnival artist Emma Garofalo specialised in large scale kinetic costumes / puppetry & performance for community development projects all over United Kingdom.

Freelance Costume Assistant & Performer | Costume Assistant for Northampton Carnival -London, 2018.  Performer for Brighton Pride Parade – Brighton, 2018.   ‘Anima Mundi’ Costume Assistant for Luton International Carnival (EMCCAN Caribbean Carnival Queen first prize winner) – London, 2017 and Extinction Rebellion – London, 2019. Workshop Facilitator for Kew Gardens  – London, 2017. Costume Assistant & Performer for ‘Metamorphosis’ at Wandsworth Arts Fringe – London, 2017; Kew Gardens – London, 2017 and Camp Bestival  – Dorset, 2016.

Mahogany Carnival Arts  | 2016, London. Mahogany is a group of multi-disciplinary artists led by Clary Salandy and Speedy Ramdeen – trained originally with Peter Minshall – who design and create Carnival large scale kinetic sculptures using the human body in the art form of ‘Mas Making’, Masquerade or Street Theatre having been instrumental in introducing such art across the UK and also being a seminal force in educating European communities in the development of Carnival as a catalyst for bringing together people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Freelance Costume Assistant & Performer | ‘London is the place for me’ collection for the 50th Anniversary of Notting Hill Carnival winner of first prize – London, 2016. Mahogany’s costume got featured at page 29th of current British passport.

Other punctual Participatory / Situationist Performances

Brixton I love I care, London 2014.

Selva | 2015-2016, London. Artivist collective. Performer for Movimientos’s  Love Carnival fundraiser for Selva’s pioonering Carnival in India Trans-form  at The Bussey Building – London, 2016. And Movimientos ‘s 10th anniversary at Rich Mix – London, 2015.

Our Brixton | 2015, London. Multi-arts campaign challenging Brixton’s gentrification. Performer for pacific dancing occupation of Tesco supermarket on Brixton Hill, former community music venue.

Brixton I love I care | 2014, London.  Artivist collective challenging Brixton’s gentrification. Performer for Brixton traffic lights customisation.

Projecta | 2011-2013, Barcelona. Social Theatre company. Performer for ‘Paint your face’ (15M : Anti-austerity movement) and ‘Tube Xmas Musical‘.

Walking Gallery | 2012, Barcelona. International community of artists approaching art to the streets of different cities. Performer for Barcelona’s Walking Gallery.