Contemporary African Culture

Wiriko. First Spanish magazine specialised in Contemporary African Arts & Culture.

Publications | Beth Lesser: From Roots Reggae to Dancehall in Jamaica. – January, 2016.

Publications | Staying Power: Afro-British community’s self-representation. – April, 2015.

Publications | Afro Comb: 6.000 years of culture, politics and identity. – October, 2013.

Publications | African Echoes: Cosmopolitan identities and trends. – March, 2013

Radio Africa Magazine.  Relevant Spanish cultural container dedicated to Contemporary African Arts & Culture.

Publications | Bronx:Africa. The influence of African culture in Bronx. – February, 2016.

Human Development through art

Voces | El Mundo. Voices is a Spanish Foundation with a blog in the Spanish national press El Mundo advocating for Human Development using disruptive culture and critical thought for radical social change.

Publications | Intercultural dialogues through art. – March 2014.