Cristina Morales is a London-based Spanish cultural activist, working through socially engaged curation, writing and art. Interested in deepening her knowledge of human beings she studied a BA in Socio-cultural Anthropology in the University of Barcelona where, along with other personal and social conditions and experiences, she started to develop her personal and political consciousness. With a passion for art as our human expressive language by excellence and our best asset to question, imagine, create and inhabit meaning and other realities, she later specialised with a MA in Arts & Culture Production from the Open University of Catalonia becoming a curator, writer and self-taught multidisciplinary artist bridging art with politics. She works since then for freelance projects and public, private and nonprofit organisations using arts & culture as an individual and collective agency tool challenging society on identity, decoloniality and community development. Organisations such as HostelArt, Ribermusica and Interarts in Barcelona or Black Cultural Archives, Peckham Platform, Mahogany Carnival Arts and Haringey Arts in London to mention a few. Cristina is the founding curator of the first decolonial thinktank, mapping Cultural Activism worldwide Counterspace. She is the founding artist of the Situationist brand of political designs and performances Totem Taboo. She writes periodically on decoloniality and counter-narratives, on human and community development through art, and on African arts & culture, published by national, international and specialised media such as London Institute of Contemporary Arts; El Mundo; Humanities, Arts & Society; A Beautiful Resistance; Inhabit; Wiriko; and Radio Africa. And she is also a member of Symbiosis Research Collective, The Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and The House of Griots. A multi-media counter-archive, of radical imagination and social poetics shaping alternative social imaginaries, to be used in the building of other futures.